Our Financial Planning Process

Step 1 – Initial Meeting

In this meeting you can ask any questions you have. We also complete a questionnaire regarding your current situation and future goals & objectives. This is an initial meeting and there are no costs or obligations associated with this meeting.
By the end of the first meeting we can determine whether or not to proceed to the next step which will be the preparation of your personal financial plan.

Step 2 – Personal Financial Plan Presentation

We will present and walk through the financial plan with you in detail, answering any questions you may have along the way. The plan is then yours to take home and review at your leisure. We encourage you to call if you have any questions or suggested modifications. When you have decided whether or not you wish to proceed with the plan (or a modified version), simply contact our office and we will take care of all the required paperwork.

Step 3 – Implementing Your Financial Plan

Should you decide to proceed with our firm, we will set up a time to meet to sign the required documents. Remember, we will prepare all the necessary paperwork to ensure a smooth and timely transfer of your investments and implementation of your plan.

Step 4– Monitor & review the plan

Regular monitoring of your financial progress and updating your plan in anticipation of changes to your circumstances will ensure the timeliness and relevance of our advice.